Just Keep Going_Look Up In The Sky


-@ RMIT Brunswick Campus for 'Artland' and Gasworks Arts Park for 'From Nature'


-Hemp yarn + Trees in the site



Keeping small hope invites people to accomplish big things despite adversity. In the aftermath of any difficult experience we need hope to help us problem solve a new beginning or even reconnect into continuum of life. My work is intended to instil hope in people in difficult situations not to go forward, but just keep going. Through my work, I am attempting to create meditative moments shifts in daily routines for the viewers, which reconnect people in their daily journey through conversation with my work.

All the ’Life’ are celebrated in the universe but we humans might easily get lost that feeling in our busy routine. Looking up in the sky might make people feel they are a part of life existing simultaneously in the universe which helps them refresh their mood and keep going. .

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