Doragon Gate


-@ Couri 002 for a shared apartment for Couri Co.,Ltd.


-Oil Pastel + Oil Paint

Developed for the renovation project of the old warehouse in Tokyo for the Couri Property Management, a developer in Tokyo. I was in charge of the concept design, space design and decoration for the site. We built and placed fourteen cubic rooms with casters in this 155m2 wide space, where the residents in the cubes could move their rooms wherever thay wanted to live. All the rooms were expected to customised by the residents including outside walls and spaces of the boxes for their private use.

An ancient Chinese tale was introduced to this place to facilitate the community making between residents and their guests that a carp would turn into a dragon after climbing a mountain stream collecting powers from animals like rabbits, tigers, snakes, hawks, bulls, deers and camels. The concept is that each resident will be his own dragon after connecting organically with the other residents.

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