Just Keep Going_Departure


-@ Curumbin Beach in Gold Coast fot Swell Sculpture Festival

-Hemp yarn + Structures in the site



The yarn is traveling from site to site bringing all the memories and experiences of all the place where it existed in the past. This is the metaphor of life. Once we move in a new place, we start to explore to find and build connections to others. We sometimes take wrong ways to go then stop or return, sometimes come to dead-end, sometimes go too far away then come back in our life.

While the yarn was existed by the sea, it partly covered with the salt from ocean, the sand from the beach, and a lot of fresh spider webs from the ground, which means all the elements in the site such as the yarn, the people, the trees, the shower, the fence, the grasses, the sea, the sands. the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the life that inhabit in the site are parts of the artwork and creating a little universe.

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